Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Breeder Weekend Project #2

The Breeder Gallery Instagram

Afrodity the goddess of'selfie was finally pleased' 
After having a millionK funs devoted to her, she was finally on top again.
Hermes the massanger had taken over the small talk to help her succeed and Nike ceo of facebook by now, was enjoying the glory of Her aftermath, assisting in her own way and oblivion.
Now she could get down to real digital work, to forming new selves out of the old. Who cared anymore how they looked outside the screen ?
All apps were on her side. She was devoted to find a breakthrough so everyface can be what somebody else saw. 
That is when she met dr karimi who tought her that the selfi√©, the social self and digital identity were in the power of the hands by now ´ the image was secondary. 
How could she had missed that ? 
Together they stood infront of a bright new selfie self future.
On a brand new instagram account on the bench of ASKT they sat, feeling unconditional virtual love and sharing.

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